Freshest Roots "Expresso" Open Mic 11/4/11 - Seattle, WA

11/4/2011 7pm - Seattle, WA Saba Cafe 1265 South Main Street Freshest Roots - "Expresso" Open Mic

I had some fun with the Freshest Roots Crew last friday! Tony "illaphant" Innouvong hosted the "Expresso" Open Mic at the cozy Saba Cafe.

The feature performer that night was Ryan Smooth(on the left).

It was a couple days before Tony's 24th birthday so I had a big ol' slice of birthday cake made by Spoon and Shovel Catering ((TASTY)).

I read a brand new song i'm working on to a welcoming crowd who really seemed to like my work!

DJ AK Rock1 hooked me up with the beat from Common (Ft. The Last Poets & Kanye West) "The Corner"

Gari Watkins took lots of great pictures. (She took all the picture you've seen so far!)

The night ended with a really beautiful cypher I kicked a couple freestyle bars of course.