YUP [Prod. by SCRiBE The Verbalist]

This beat is called YUP. I made it years ago. I don't usually make beats, I'm more of a Verbalist. It's 2012, what better time to release it. Now I want to see what other artist can do with it. In creating this composition I used the beautiful singing voice of Alison Krauss. I've never met her before, but she created something that really inspired me. I hope I can inspire someone to create something AWESOME.

click the cover to download and listen to the instrumental

Consider this beat an open collaboration. Emcees, singers, poets, instrumentalists, and all other artists are free to download this instrumental piece. You can use my beat in your work but, you cannot sell these works. Please remember to credit "SCRiBE The Verbalist" as the composer, producer, or beat-genius in the title of OUR creations.