[02.28.2016] Turntable Sundae (Earth) @ The Upstairs

Turntable Sundae (Earth) 02.28.2016 7pm
@ The Upstairs 2209 2nd ave SEA WA

LAT 47.613320 / LONG -122.345058 coordinates for

Live Hip Hop / DJ / Drinks / FREE admission

The spinning sphere of personalities, plants, rock, clay, molten minerals, the constant yet elastic. What does being grounded feel like? Who remembers Kwame the planeteer? You know, the African guy with the flat top, gold chains, and the earth ring. What must it have been like to watch forests decay into deserts right in front of him? Kwame's seen some things. The Planeteers knew it was time to join forces to summon earth's hero, Captain Planet when Kwame said "Let our powers combine!"

With our powers combined Alchemy Union brings you the earthiest Turntable Sundae yet! Turntable Sundae this month is all about EARTH. Searching from crust to core we've unearthed some gems we're sure you'll dig. The most down to earth artists making seismic waves throughout the scene will be be performing and showcasing their MUSiC and ART concerning the element known as EARTH.


WOLFTONE https://soundcloud.com/northblend
JUNK FOOD https://soundcloud.com/junk_food
RIK RUDE https://rikrude.bandcamp.com/
GOLDEN ALCHEMY https://goldenalchemy.bandcamp.com/
ETHOS https://akaethos.bandcamp.com/

SOUND by Ronnie Rain https://www.soundcloud.com/ronnierain
ART by Artists of Color Collective (AoCC) http://www.artistsofcolor.org/
ViDEO by Deadmics http://www.deadmics.com/
FINE COCKTAILS by Andy Burton and The Upstairs (order a "Golden Alchemy" they're delicious!)

THE *LAST* SUNDAY EVERY MONTH at THE UPSTAiRS: Amazing talent, chill vibes, community, cocktails, conversation, dancing, cyphers, and too much goodness to fit into words.

S/O DJ Filthy Rich The OG who originated Turntable Sundae over a decade ago!