[07/31/2016] Zulu Park Jam @ Cal Anderson - Seattle

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The Park Jam has been a bedrock tradition of Hip Hop since its early days. It is one that helped shape and coalesce the four elements of DJing, breakdancing, emceeing, and graffiti art themselves. This summer, 206 Zulu is proud to continue this tradition and invite our neighbors and community to participate and experience a fun, family-friendly coming together of dynamic local Hip Hop forces at three different parks.

To spotlight the talent, diversity, and drive in the Seattle Hip Hop community, we have invited some of the most dedicated and active local crews and artist collectives to help curate the 206 Zulu Summer Park Jam Series including: Black Magic Noize, Sistas Rock the Arts, Filthy Fingers United, Golden Alchemy, 69/50, The Gathering Collective, Revolution Staging, and more, to bring you DJs, emcees, poets, singers, youth performances, and everything you need for the perfect summer evening in the young town.

In addition, we are excited to announce Lifetime Supply Club (FKA BADDAD Collective) and Stay Happy Collective as visual arts co-curators, bringing you unique pop-up installations at each location as well as featured live artists and interactive art stations.

So come get down with us in the spirit of collaboration, community building, and true school vibing. Bring a grill, bring some food, bring a blanket, bring a friend, bring your grandma, bring your dog, bring your kids, bring your art supplies, bring your slip and slide, bring your basketballs, bring your dominos, bring your smiles. Let's get together under the sun and celebrate the culture and creativity of Seattle Hip Hop.

For July 31th at Cal Anderson Park 4-8pm:

Golden Alchemy

Golden Alchemy is SCRiBE The Verbalist on the Mic and Golden Master on the beats. That's what we do. NYC / Seattle hip hop, Live Electronics, DJs and ART.

69/50 feat. DoNormaal

69/50 is an artist collective and “movement” of new and vibrant local hip-hop energies that produce shows, dance parties, local arts night and artists’ workshops

DJ Seabefore
(206 Zulu// Filthy Fingers United)

Seabefore is a seasoned vet of the wheels of steel, hailing from 206 Zulu, with roots deep in the Seattle scene, expect to be knocked off your feet.

DJ Riff-Raff
(Night Crush // Shade // Bottom Forty)

What can you expect when Riff-Raff’s workin' it out on the decks? MAD LOVE! With solidarity in their heart and bass in their soul; combining their passion for music and people is what sets them apart.

Riff-Raff's musical interests and influences, are as diverse as the crowds they captivate. Their sound ranges and blends everything from techno and deep house, to hip-hop and dancehall. TRUST... everything you hear will be proper.

Live painting from

Leo Shallat
Leo's work draws influence from the world of Calligraphy, and Form Line Design while incorporating his love for dance and expressive movement. His work hints at an intangible energetic flow that lies believes the surface of our everyday experiences.

Graffiti write who is known for finding places where he can post up and piece. He's got characters, colors, and lines.

They Drift
KSRA and Carlos Aguilar have been painting large murals and public art together since 2007. Their style is playful, skilled and immediately recognizable.

Zulu Park Jams brought to you in part by Office of Arts & Culture Seattle!

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