CUE prod. hep Alien

This song is a collaboration between myself and tony LaMothe aka Hep Alien ( ). Our full length project called S00N is coming S00N.

Me lighting up a blunt
Isn't your cue to kick it
My baby girl made lentil soup
I do the dishes
They say the world is mental
My mental couldn't get it
But then I met a genie
Who gave me a million wishes
You bitching about your bitch being a bitch appeals to bitches
The rest of us
Don't wanna know your business
Unless it's business
I'm looking for some lessons
On how to relieve the itching
In my palm for the pension
I'm poor and I need riches
So pour on the game
Class already in session
I'm absorbing everything
Sponge Bob in the rain
Dodged a lot of swings
Bro bobs in the ring
They crowned Christ with thorns
Put barbs on a King
Blacks rebel nowadays
It's the same darn thing
Who's beside us when they crucify us?
But who you side with?
The ruling class of elite
The Kings of gruesome violence
Or your neighbor up the street
Who just spoke truth to power

As powerful a weapon
As my honesty is
I'll Honestly fib to a cop
I'm not honest with pigs

Sat my tail in holding cells
For selling my life's tales
And still got robbed
For all of my nights sales

released July 1, 2020
Lyrics Written and Performed by SCRiBE The Verbalist aka Joseph J W Cabey

Music composed by tony LaMothe aka Hep Alien ( )

Recorded and Mixed by tony LaMothe

Art by tony LaMothe